Please read these terms and conditions for sales fulfilled via online store carefully.



These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) govern the sale and supply of products by Hazell & Gray Design Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with company number pending (“Hazell & Gray”), to customers for delivery within the United Kingdom (each a “Customer”) via Hazell & Gray’s online store (the “Webstore”). The Webstore is not available to Customers wishing to arrange delivery of Orders outside the United Kingdom.

By accessing the Webstore the Customer agrees to be bound by these Terms, which will be updated from time to time at Hazell & Gray’s sole discretion. Individuals who are not prepared to agree to be bound by these Terms do not have permission to access or use the Webstore.

The Customer’s use of the Webstore is subject to registration via Hazell & Gray’s secure online portal at www.hazellandgray.com. During registration, the Customer will set login details which will allow the Customer access to the Webstore and the opportunity to submit Orders through the Customer’s online account.

The Customer shall at all times maintain strict confidentiality of its login name, password and other confidential information in relation to its use of the Webstore, and will be solely responsible and liable for activities and amendments to the Customer’s online account. It is also the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that any information provided via the Webstore is accurate and complete. The Customer’s use of the Webstore will be entirely at its own risk save only where the Customer sustains loss or damage as a direct result of Hazell & Gray’s negligence or to the extent liability cannot be limited in law.


  1. Capitalised terms where used below correspond with the following definitions:
  • “Confirmation Email” means an email communication from Hazell & Gray confirming its acceptance of an Order from the Customer, which will contain an estimated time of delivery and a unique reference number;
  • “Contract” means the contract for the purchase and supply of Products between the Customer and Hazell & Gray, which is formed on acceptance of an Order by Hazell & Gray;
  • “Product(s)” means a Hazell & Gray product made available for sale via the Webstore;
  • “Order” means an order placed by the Customer via the Webstore for the supply of Products.
  1. Each Order placed by a Customer shall be deemed an offer and shall be subject to acceptance by Hazell & Gray by way of a Confirmation Email. Hazell & Gray may refuse to accept an Order for any reason, and Customers should note an on-screen acknowledgement of an Order does not constitute acceptance by Hazell & Gray. On receipt of a Confirmation Email, the Customer shall become bound by these Terms.
  2. If an Order cannot be accepted for any reason (including for example but without limitation non-availability or withdrawal of a Product) Hazell & Gray will promptly notify the Customer via email and, wherever possible, offer a replacement or a refund as appropriate.
  3. All Orders are subject to Hazell & Gray’s receipt of a valid debit or credit card authorisation from the Customer. Full payment for the Products is to be made at the time an Order is placed.
  4. Title in the Products supplied to a Customer shall not pass until full payment has been made for the Products at the price specified in the relevant Confirmation Email. In any case of non-payment or chargebacks by a Customer, Hazell & Gray shall be entitled to repossess or trace the Products or the proceeds of sale in the Customer’s and enter onto any of the premises where the materials are located in order to exercise this right.
  5. In respect of all Orders shipped, the risk in the Products shall pass to the Customer immediately on delivery.


  1. All quoted Product prices are inclusive of UK VAT.
  2. Promotional offers and prices are as stated, with no further discounts available.
  3. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the published price of each Product is accurate, Hazell & Gray cannot guarantee pricing will be correct in all circumstances or that all Products on the Webstore will be available at all times. In the event of a pricing error, Hazell & Gray will either contact the Customer to offer the option of a replacement, a refund or fulfilment of the Order at the correct price. Hazell & Gray will not in any event be obliged to supply Products at an incorrect price.
  4. Hazell & Gray reserves the right to adjust prices and offers on Products at its discretion before acceptance of an Order. Where an end date for an offer is specified on the Webstore it is intended for guidance purposes only.



  1. Complaints should be addressed via email to customercare@hazellandgray.com or by calling 01865 600 020. Any complaints should quote the relevant order number and as much detail as possible concerning the Customer’s grounds for complaint. All complaints will be acknowledged within five working (5) days and Hazell & Gray will undertake to resolve the issue within a further five (5) working days. Each complaint will be treated as confidential and addressed by a manager who will have overall responsibility for the matter.


  1. Hazell & Gray shall not be liable for:
  2. a) The failure to perform any obligation if such failure was caused by circumstances beyond Hazell & Gray’s control or;
    b) Delay howsoever caused in performing any obligation or;
  3. c) Interruption of delay in fulfilling its obligations hereunder by reason of implementing a change to an Order requested by the Customer.
  4. Any implied warranties or conditions in respect of Products or other services supplied by Hazell & Gray, save only for those provided under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, are hereby expressly excluded and Hazell & Gray shall not be liable for any loss injury or damage arising directly from the use, application or storage of such Products except where such liability cannot be limited in law. Without prejudice to the foregoing Hazell & Gray may be prepared to consider claims concerning the quality of the Products (including, at Hazell & Gray’s sole discretion, arranging for replacement thereof) provided that such claims are notified to Hazell & Gray in writing within thirty (30) days of receipt of the Products by the Customer and are limited to the invoice value of the Products.  However, Hazell & Gray expressly excludes liability for any such claims arising by reason of defects caused by the wilful or accidental damage, negligence or incorrect storage on the part of the Customer.
  5. All claims for damage to, or partial loss of Products in transit must be submitted in writing to Hazell & Gray within three (3) working days of delivery. In the case of non-delivery of the whole Order, claims must be submitted in writing to Hazell & Gray within five (5) working days of receipt by the Customer or the Customer’s agent of notification of despatch of Products.  In the absence of notification of claims within the terms mentioned above the Products shall be deemed to have been delivered in accordance with the Customer’s Order.
  6. The Webstore is only intended for the sale of Products for domestic and private use. The Customer agrees that he or she will not use the Products for any commercial, business or re-sale purposes, and Hazell & Gray will have no liability in respect of any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption or loss of business opportunity in any circumstances whatsoever.
  7. For commercial use, a line of communication must be established between both parties that discuss the application of the Product to confirm it meets the standard expectations of both parties. Where the Product does not meet expectation, outside of a manufacturing fault, the liability rests with the Customer.


  • The Products can be heavy and extra care should be taken when lifting;
  1. Hazell & Gray and the Customer confirm their intent not to confer any rights on any third parties by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.
  2. The Contract shall be governed by and continued in accordance with English Law and in particular the provisions of the Licensing Act 2003 with regard to the minimum legal age for the consumption of alcohol. The Customer hereby submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

JULY 2019